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This was a website re-design. The client wanted a website that would reflect his architectural style and satisfy the needs of his sophisticated clientele.


We started by helping the client define their mission, their targeted demographics and the needs and the benefits sought by each segment. The client had also requested preliminary key word phrase research to determine what phrases were being used to find their services in the search engines and if the extra effort to optimize their site would be warranted. We then provided a website re-design proposal. With final approval from the client we began the development process.


The resulting website reflects Hunton Conrad's architectural style through high quality photos, color, layout and copy.  Particular attention was given to reflecting the quality of "Creating Environments  as Sanctuary", Hunton's tag-line.  The site is also ranking well for specified key word phrases.   And the client is thrilled.

Created in collaboration with Gill Brook's internet services.

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