Business Ethics Services

While some businesses may pine for the days when all they had to concentrate on was making money, today much more is expected of them. They are required to be a constructive element in society, to care about the fair treatment of employees, the environment and society as a whole. In essence, they are required to “have a heart”.

Demographically, this trend is most alive in younger customer segments, who are increasingly choosing to spend their money with companies that prove to be accountable to the natural and social environment in which they function.

Reviewing and defining the code of ethics that will best align a business with its client segments expectations is automatically included as part of the strategic marketing plan service. This consultation can also be completed separately if desired.

Client Comment

Pauline’s skills helped bring my business to a new level of success. I especially want to mention her great ability to present information. Pauline’s systematic and clear approach to every meeting made the whole process smooth and productive and the learning curve easy and enjoyable.

Sustainable Practices

As part of the effort to broaden values beyond the purely economical, many businesses are implementing sustainable practices. Sustainable practices are implemented to allow a business to continue to generate profits while positively supporting society and the environmental, referred to as the “triple-bottom-line" concept.

It is important for any business that implements sustainable practices to steer clear of “green washing” or "green sheen”, the deceptive use of practices in order to promote a misleading perception that a business’s policies or products are environmentally friendly.

For many businesses today, and moving into the future, adding sustainable practices with integrity can be tremendously helpful in creating a competitive edge.

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