As the web continues to evolve so does the complexity and wealth of knowledge needed to truly master creating successful websites.

These articles have been written to help you learn about essential building blocks of creating successful websites. 

Part i - Overview, History and Present State of the Web

History of the Web

Who's Succeeding on the Web Today

Part II- Planning for Success

Defining your Website Mission, Goals and Audience

Choosing A Web Designer

Part III - Elements of Great Website Design

Usability - Avoiding User Problems & Defining User Characteristics

Part IV - Marketing your Website

Search Engine Optimizing – Key Elements

Meta Tags Tips

Link Building Campaigns

SEO Dos and Don'ts - Search Engine Spam

Professional Web Site Design Services
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Understanding Your Business

We will help you clarify your marketing goals and the role your website will play in reaching your goals, ensuring your website is an integrated part of your marketing efforts for optimum business success. Only when we have a complete understanding of your business will we begin to design the best web site to meet your needs.

Social Media

Just like any medium, the evolution of the web is guided by specific principals. Two of these principals are:

These principals, combined with the advancement of technology from dial-up to broadband has given rise to the phenomenon of the creation and exchange of user-generated content, also known as “social media”.

Users are now in the driver’s seat, interacting with each other in communities, and they are using this newfound power to create and exchange their own ideas about companies, their brands and their products.

Many businesses are waking up to the realization that they are no longer in control of their message. They now have to share their message with their customers. In this environment, many businesses are starting to ask, “How do we control the perception of our company and products?”

Rather than looking at social media as a loss of power, businesses can benefit from it by using its underlying principals to create a community around their own company and products and to communicate information in new, personalized ways.

Let me help you explore social media and how its unique environment can benefit your business.

Client Comment

Our website has resulted in several requests for quotation for our services, and ultimately led to a substantial project.  We recommend Blue Pearl Marketing with the highest regard for their talent and skills for website design and maintenance.

Website Strategic Plans

"White Hat" Optimization for Higher Rankings

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become very popular as businesses attempt to get their website highly ranked (in the top 5 positions) in the search engine results.

But unlike other SEO companies, before allowing a business to spend money on SEO, if requested, I have also helped them determine whether their client segments are even using the search engines to find their type of service. There is no sense in a business spending money to get ranked high in the search engines when their client base is using other forms of media to find them, be it off-line referrals, radio or magazines.

This initial SEO report starts with defining very specific keyword phrases that describe exactly what type of products or services you are offering. Once we have defined these terms, I can research and prepare a report for you to determine SEO value. If it is determined that you client segment/s are using the web to search for your product or services, if requested, I will then “optimize” your site. I can do this as part of a web design service, or if you are already working with another designer, work in conjunction with them. It is important that your SEO be completed as an integral part of the construction of your site rather than waiting until the site is completed.

I look forward to helping you with your SEO needs and having you join the other satisfied customers who continue to enjoy high rankings of their sites.

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