Part II: Planning for Success - Choosing a Website Designer

Website Designer Check-List

by Pauline Sugarman

This article discusses how to determine the most qualified designer to meet your web design needs using a Web Designer Check-list.

Whether you choose to work with a large Advertising Firm or a Boutique Web Design Agency, the path to choosing the best web site designer/company to work with is similar.

Following is a Web Site Designer Check-List to help you determine the most qualified designer to meet your web design needs.

It is recommended that you talk to more than one candidate; three is a good number. Have the list ready when you talk with them:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Web Site - Your Part

Know Why You Want a Website

Create a Reason for Being for your Website. This exercise should cover your thinking on the web as a marketing tool. Know what it is supposed to do. The declaration of objectives will be the most important part of any conversation you will have with your web designer.

Be Familiar with the Internet and Your Competitors

Familiarize yourself with the Web. Check out your competitors and industry partners. Educate yourself about the web (some of the articles in the Knowledge Center can be helpful it this regard) and particularly about successful websites. That way you'll get a feel for how a web design project can be judged.

What Results Do You Want?

Follow it by figuring out how to measure the site's results. Your web designer should be aware that you are keen to measure your return on investment.

What Else will I be Expected to Provide?

Some of the to-do lists will be jobs for you or your staff. These typically include the copy and images. Some web designers are very competent in these areas and may either charge a separate fee or include them in their total project fee.

This list, while not exhaustive, will give you a good head start in helping you find a solid designer to help you create the most successful web presence for your company online.

In the next article, we will review the fundamentals of site usability to ensure your site is as easy to use as possible...

Defining Mission, Goals & Audience Is your Site User Friendly?
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